Global introspection on the backside of age 50

The long human history and underpinnings of our environments from singularly-focused, hyper-alpha elite that affects us through generations.

For those who might say life is simple, it is unfathomably complex and inter-connected beyond most comprehension — environmentally, socially, and psychologically.

Life is only conceivably simple, enriching, or difficult because of love and compassion or lack of it.

It was millenniums ago when men and greed turned it into the inanimate, secular pursuit that hasn’t stopped since.

Revolutions of industries propped up each generation, expanded personal freedoms, increased our self-valuations, and began the…

One writer’s first, second & third impressions of

Yes, Medium is very easy-to-read and looks to focus on great content — hmm, probably something to do with the lack of ads.

It’s refreshing among the internet noise and feels somewhat like a Kindle experience too.

I found myself wanting to read more and was only slightly disappointed after hitting their article limit. I guess I’m not feeling the value of $5 a month yet.

But still, the writers’ titles are so witty and alluring like waffling through a bazaar of goods with diverse salespeople trying to convince you to…

Perfect for the equipment-laden, long-trek photographers

RMFL brother Rob produces awesome astrophotography work and he’s relentless when it comes to his art. Couple that with being a billy-goat of a backpacker, who tips the scales at a wiry 5’11, 140 lbs., Rob long-hauls up to 50 lbs. over a 20–30 mile, multi-day trek.

You can bet we’re packed to the brim with equipment and all the necessities. We get a fierce workout as well, especially at the high elevations, so high-energy, quality food is required.

Food for people like us preferably needs to be really simple and highly impactful, especially…

Vic Aquino

Contributor to SB Nation, Bay Area News Group & SF 49ers. Offering obtuse angles and smidgens of so-called astuteness I can’t otherwise say as a sports writer:)

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