The Edge of the Boom

Global introspection on the backside of age 50

The long human history and underpinnings of our environments from singularly-focused, hyper-alpha elite that affects us through generations.

For those who might say life is simple, it is unfathomably complex and inter-connected beyond most comprehension — environmentally, socially, and psychologically.

Life is only conceivably simple, enriching, or difficult because of love and compassion or lack of it.

It was millenniums ago when men and greed turned it into the inanimate, secular pursuit that hasn’t stopped since.

Revolutions of industries propped up each generation, expanded personal freedoms, increased our self-valuations, and began the great race.

Each industry revolution greatly increased all that continues to divide us today. In essence, these revolutions are drivers behind the nationalist's idealogy that helps marginalize the classes.

While we think we’re getting smarter and better or entitled, we’re doing exactly our part to keep the machine going.

As we are being sold visions of grandeur and comfort and security, we are just getting needier and of more spiritless pursuits. The survival threshold is gone for many of the industrious and the educated, while hopelessness increases for those at or near poverty.

All are growing ingredients to deeper catastrophes and clashes if the world continues on a purely economic basis without deep institutional recognition and wholesale inclusion of the entire human condition (which can still be highly profitable if one needs to keep thinking that way).

The industry drivers were born from men of intellect, greed, superiority, yet still, mostly simple merciless minds. It’s all spurned a division of class and social order that has shaped and contorted into a top-heavy world.

Our plight is guised in the will of progress and human ingenuity. Men of selfish politics corral it and pacify us and support our truths with sly wordsmithing, flippant and shrewd oratory, and crafty media. We are separated, impressionable, and pacified just enough that to think it’s our own ideas and beliefs to fight for.

People without a sense of humanity will fall in and follow.

Those who struggle to survive and exist in the defined walls they did not build may understand the circumstances but are mostly powerless.

The so-called nuclear family was supposed to be the rearing of respect and morals. Unfortunately, that assumes the parental core is self-aware and emotionally strong to some degree. In reality, there are family variations of single-parents, grand-parents, step-parents, extended families, and even childless families.

The family end of the bargain is falling short because of short-sighted systematic and economic rails without foresight.

For myself, born in the mid-1960s and a perpetual observant wonderer, I intermingle with many generations and demographics through family, global co-workers, and travels. I’m at the oh-so lucky edge of the baby boomers.

My parents and wife’s parents, to this day, are or were simply not as materialistic vs. later generations, as many I’ve met from their era. From 40–50-year-old vehicles to the homes they’ve resided in for 50 years, it’s never been a chase to win a race or be in a race.

Our parents were of the Greatest Generation (born between 1910–1924). They faced true, unabated dilemmas unlike anything since. They were much more exposed to the full-effect and sacrifices of war and financial depression. This generation had no coddling and no real forewarning, probably because society was not yet as mature, all-worldly, and ready-knowledgeable like we are today.

This Greatest Generation probably didn’t know any better than to “figure it out on their own,” because there was far less “noise” to affect and influence their conscience and simpler gut-feelings.

Before the pervasiveness of personal technology, we just weren’t smart enough to realize and feel all that we know in the overload of today. We didn’t know what we wanted until nearly unlimited choices made us feel more special than we actually were.

Though powerful technology has been an incredible boon and great equalizer, it has simultaneously been an enabler of division and isolation.

In all, the human god particles still need to always be in a specific order regardless of progress:

Integrity — Intelligence — Energy

Changing the order and degree can be the difference between good and evil.

As a whole, how is a better collective consciousness achievable?

For starters…from the bottom-up: more strong, supportive family cores and from the top-down: selfless, coordinated policies from our local and global leaders.

For this “boomer” to quietly experience and compare many of the conditions of the world from the 1970’s to current day is unnerving.

The constant mental barrage of inhumanity and the idea of multiple truths are becoming more dangerous to our future. It all comes at us more discreetly and indiscreetly and “it” was always there until it became unleashed.

Now, it absolutely needs to be reconciled, or “it” will repeat.

We can be so manipulated with our under-developed levels of emotional intelligence and impressionable, fickle minds - just as we flock to brands and the loudest words of a cult of personality.

Though many people may be more aware and intelligent as individuals and groups of like individuals — as a human species, we are an unorganized organism going in destructive directions.

Until each of us can develop adequate self-esteem and true self-awareness to lift up one another, the need to be led is only to be wholly-informed, then filtered and questioned — never to blindly follow.

Education and critical thinking are just a start. Empathy and compassion are the journeys. Sharing, connecting, and giving is the expectation and solution of collective, consistent individual efforts as a natural state.

20 to 30 years from now, no one will admit they were pawns of inbred terrorism just as it was when McCarthyism was rampant.

10 years or 20 years from now, science and mathematics will be ubiquitous binary understandings of which no conspiracy can thwart and no politics can sway.

Five to 10 years from now, systems will rise further to help liberate us from establishments.

Today, Centennials and late Millenials take the torch to be this century’s driving generations, while the rest of us face reconciliation and find courage to bring our inner voices outward.

If we don’t reach a global collective consciousness and economic models with equal considerations of humanity, we’ll see more perils of vertical global population.

If we remain fractured and uncoordinated, we’re susceptible to the next cancer of our tender and tipping human population.

Contributor to SB Nation, Bay Area News Group & SF 49ers. Offering obtuse angles and smidgens of so-called astuteness I can’t otherwise say as a sports writer:)